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Thank you to our clients and those who have been inspired by our vision of staying active ! Wherever you are ...
Just Keep M^ving

high calibre fitness For a mobile world

Meta^Coach Fits Into Your Life. Wherever You Are.

Freed from the inconvenience of in-person sessions, Meta^Coach is a 21st century approach to healthy living; our custom fitness programs and virtual training sessions are delivered to you through the app MyPTHub and Zoom – in  which you can communicate directly with your Coach, access your programs anywhere anytime, track your progress and workout with your coach in real-time.
Oooooh, that's nice.
Meta^ is  your coach in and out of the gym, on and off the track.

Virtual Training

What is it?
Virtual Training allows you to tackle workouts with your coach from anywhere in the world, even if it's just in your living room.  Your coach is ready to conquer the day with you, are you ready?
Professionally Designed Programs Based on Your Goals & Schedule 
Eliminates the time and cost of commuting, and a physical gym membership
Direct Messaging With Your Coach to Stay On Track 
Unparalleled Assistance to Get You From "One Day" to "Today"
Your Coach & Fitness Programs All in App's
Consistent Motivation & Affirmations to Keep You Moving

Fitness Coaching

What is it?
Fitness Coaching empowers you to take control of your fitness journey with the assistance of a Certified Coach to assist you every step of the way.  Create healthy habits and stay active on your own schedule, budget, and with a Coach that is invested in you.
Professionally Designed Programs Based on Your Goals & Schedule 
An Average Savings of $5,400/Year vs. Traditional Personal Training
Direct Messaging With Your Coach to Stay On Track 
Unparalleled Assistance to Get You From "One Day" to "Today"
Your Coach & Fitness Programs All in One App
Consistent Motivation & Affirmations to Keep You Moving

Run Coaching

What is it?
Training for a big race or just want to best yourself? Meta^ Run Coaching takes your runner profile, metrics & schedule to formulate the best running program to fit your aspirations.  Whether it's your first time lacing up or you've been running tangents and collecting medals for years, Meta^ Run Coaching will take your running to the next level.
Trail & OCR Running Specialists Who Have Been on the Podium & Know How to Get You There
VDOT02 Certified Run Coaches With the Knowledge to Help You Achieve Your Goals
Metrics & Calculations to Ensure You're Getting the Most Benefit Every Time You Lace Up
Customized Run Programs That Fit Your Schedule
Coaches That Are There For You on Training Day & Race Day
Your Coach & Run Programs All in One App

Nutrition Coaching

What is it?
Everyone is different, so why do masses of people fall into the same perpetual diet rut? We take your current diet, tailor it to fit your goals from what you're currently  intaking, with a major focus on sustainability so you continue to have success long past reaching your goals.
Sustainable Nutrition Assistance To Ensure Success Every Step Of The Way 
Nutrition Tips From Your Coach That Clear The Air On Nutritional Information 
Calculations & Tracking Done by You & Your Coach Making a Team That's Ready to Win
Making Healthy Choices With Foods You Already Love 
Your Coach & Nutrition Programs All in One App
Unparalleled Guidance to Get You From "One Day" to "Today"
Who We Are

Dedicated Coaches + Devoted Athletes

We Help You Make Changes In A Positive & Sustainable Way
Meta^Coaches boast degrees in Health Sciences, as well as certifications through ACE, NASM, CanFitPro, SWIS and Spartan SGX
Every Coach is an Athlete Who Trains &  Competes At The World's Highest Levels
Meta^Run Club
We're wildly fond of  the social runs we used to do in and around the city, taking advantage of Toronto's green spaces and city events.  Everyone, of all paces and experiences, was welcome. We got our bods moving.
Abominable Winter Run
January 18, 2020  –  12 pm
Crothers Woods
Don't forget your coat as you join us for this +/- 6.5km jog through the turns and twists of Crothers Woods trail, minutes from the downtown core. Bring a phone/camera to take some shots along the way! 
Valentine Sunset Run
February 15, 2019  –  4:00 pm
Join us for a +/-8km jog along the waterfront with friends. Starting at Harbourfront only to return post run for drinks and great views of the sunset on the water!
Client Reviews
Meta^Coach is great to work with. The coaches have amazing knowledge and excellent experience between them! Meta^Coach is the best coaching service that I've worked with. The coaches are dependable, patient, and explain everything well, and really care about what they're doing! Can't say enough about them! I highly recommend Meta^Coach!!
Dr. Darin Stokke
Fitness Coaching
Meta^Coach is very thorough in their preparation, planning, and tailoring of your specific needs for your program. I work shift work that rotates every week from days to nights to afternoons, and Meta^Coach breaks down every day based on a monthly schedule. It does not start out very hard as you are tapered into your program, gradually getting into your program. The only real work for me is preparing my meals which after the first day was easy because of how motivated I was [with] their guidance and support. 

Meta^Coach is always available for advice & council and always has a positive and motivating attitude. These guys are worth every dollar. 
Nico P.
Fitness  & Nutrition Coaching

META^coach in your pocket

the app  myPThub  makes it all possible

^  Your Fitness, Nutrition & Running Coach all in one place
^  Record metrics of specific exercises to easily keep track of progress
^  Effortlessly message your Coach right in the App
^  Track nutritional values provided by you & your Coach
^  Flexibility to take your workouts anywhere in the world



Speak to one of our Coaches directly about Fitness, Nutrition and/or Run Coaching to see how we can assist you in getting where you want to be.